Weight loss tricks that have worked for my body

Achieving something such as a fit and toned body, is definitely not an easy task. There are obviously some weight loss tips, which can help in tackling weight issues effectively. It is important to be smart while thinking of losing weight. Losing weight does mean losing your mind. Some intelligent tips, will you maintain a tight eating and exercising schedule, which will help you lose weight without going nuts over it. Often we try desperately to follow a regime, which has brought results for our friend. It is however, not the right move. Everybody has body types and what works for one, doesn’t always work for the other. Nevertheless, there are certain basic rules which remain the same.

What I did for weight loss?

It feels funny to be giving weight loss, tips, when I myself started out the same gawky and illogical way as most people do. But, over the years, I have learnt a lot about my body and weight managing it. Obviously, we all have a difficult routine everyday, which is why it is not possible to maintain a strict regime. If you are not a really dedicated person and do not enjoy workouts, then it is a big problem. But, what I did was take out at least 10-15 minutes of time every day, to do some exercise for weight loss, no matter how busy I was. I still continue doing it.
Watching what you are eating is very important. If you are a self-confessed foodie, then make sure you have the right supplements against carbs and fats. The term ‘dieting’ is actually a put-off for many. One must never stay hungry. All he/she has to do is carry things like fruits, fruit juices and nuts, in the bag as munchies. Whenever you are hungry, make sure that you are having healthy and nutritious food and not something which is rich in sugar or oil. My mother would stuff a lot of fresh fruits and pack juices for me, so that I can stay away from munching on chocolates when I am hungry!

Enjoying the work-out session is very important. With exercising, dieting will be less fruitful. It is important to do some type of physical activity, which will not feel like a burden or schedule. I enjoy dancing, and that is what I do to burn away all the excess calories. Dancing, swimming, tennis, badminton and football are highly energetic workout, which are fun yet effective. You will be sweating out, without getting bored. Also, washing your car, doing house shores like moping, taking your dog for a run etc can be great work-out substitutes.

Little things that are effective weight loss tips

What worked for me, was taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If you are an office-goer or you are living in an apartment, make sure to take the stairs to reach your floor instead of the elevator. If you feel you may get late, try to start early or simply double your speed. You will have noticeable changes in your body, very soon. Playing the music while you go for a run or while you are doing house chores is helpful in boosting your heart rate. You will be upping your speed of work and lose a hell lot of calories. People with hectic office schedules, should come out from the premises during lunch hour and walk in the streets or hike every floor of a nearby mall. That is what most people do. The more active you are, the less fat you will accumulate in your body. So, get started today itself!

Simple life routine which can make you lose weight gradually

Having a dumbbell, a yoga mat and a treadmill, is enough to motivate a person to lose weight. But, some effective weight loss tips will always come handy for people who fall to take the initiative. The common mistakes that people make are going frantic over the entire issue. Crash dieting and exercising till you drop, are common with women and young girls. Following certain daily routines can make life easier and easy to lose weight.

A healthy eating plan

I would be very erratic with eating schedules. Nothing could get me to eat at the right hour and the right thing. When I suddenly noticed a protruding belly one day, I went berserk about losing fat and looking slim again. A major thing I noticed was that changing our lifestyle, is what makes all the difference. Simple things like having three timely meals in a day, a balanced diet and proper sleep is all one needs to have a great body. So, a healthy eating routine is the foremost weight loss tips.

Postures while eating

It is important to sit straight on our back and help the food get down to our digestive track smoothly. Chewing the food well and drinking lots of water throughout the day, is very helpful.

Weight loss tips from very close observations

People, who are a foodie by nature, find it very difficult to lose weight. I am not one of them, but by sister is one such person. The top weight loss tips revolve around the food one should eat and should not. But, we never think of the surrounding factors, which are holding us back from losing considerable amount of weight. There are a few things, which are surprisingly responsible for making us gain weight unnecessarily.

Having too many over-sized clothes

I would see my sister wearing too many over-sized clothes at home. This is probably because she didn’t wanted to show her non-existent curves or the excess fats all over. But, this was a major impediment while losing weight. If you are serious enough to lose weight and look the way you did earlier, try to get rid of over-sized clothes because they give you room to spread out and you will inadvertently feel slim and eat more. With fitted and right-sized clothes, you won’t be eating more as every flabby area of your body would be clearly visible. Your own image will stop you from eating too much.

Setting a goal

This is something I always focus on. If you know you want to lose1 kg in a week’s time, then you will be putting that effort. Setting a logical bar is very important to follow a fitness routine.

A breakfast trick for having that enviable body

My father would tell me that eating properly and sleeping well, is the secret to a great frame. Over-weight people generally have a pathetic routine. My friends, who are obese, eat their lunch at 4 PM, dinner at 12 and go to sleep at 3 AM in the morning. Such an unhealthy schedule is what one requires to look like a big potato. The best weight loss tips are those that help you get your life on track.

Including a lot of fluids in the diet

I was somebody who refrained from drinking sufficient water daily. That not only resulted in poor digestion, but also pimples on my face. For easy weight loss, make sure that you are able to excrete what you are not digesting. Water, fresh fruit juices, soups and salads, must be in the right quantity in your diet. Your digestion will improve along with your metabolic rate.

A quick tip

I discovered a breakfast formula, which helped me to lose weight. 1 whole banana with a teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoon full of probiotic yoghurt makes a perfect weight loss diet. You can mash all of these and have for breakfast. It will fill up your stomach and give you the essential nutrients, besides triggering weight loss.

Weird facts about weight management

Men and women have very different bodies and measurements. Thus, their weight-training routines are also quite different. There are certain other factors, which help in gaining weight. If we can sensibly avoid them, then probably losing weight will not be a big issue. During my late teens, a friend’s mother who is a dietician had told me about certain weird facts, about weight loss and weight gain. They may sound funny, but actually play a huge role in gaining weight. Avoiding them, will make the smartest weight loss tips.

Making the mood right

We may not pay attention to these little things, but they can actually help a lot in controlling our lifestyle and entering a healthy diet plan. The dietician told me that people who generally are depressed, or feel a certain void inside them, go for over-eating. This leads to over-weight, which is a huge problem today. She had to say that if one hears good music while she is eating, then probably she will be eating less than what she actually does. When we are not in a good mood, we resort to food to help fill up the void inside, which leads to over-eating. Music will help fill that spot and you will eat what you need you. I have to admit that this theory did actually work for me!

Using smaller dishes at home

The proportion is easy to understand. More the space more is the eagerness to indulge. The larger the plate, we eat food in, is, the more we will be likely to eat. In order to resist that, ensure that you have your food in small plates. The space being small, it will help you to stick to a limited diet.
These two weight loss tips can turn your world around, as they have for me. Do try them!